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博彩软件app排名 Christian School began in 1906, was officially founded in 1920, and is owned and operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s educational system–the second-largest private educational system in the world. 博彩软件app排名 was established to provide an excellent education in a distinctive Christian environment. Today, 博彩软件app排名 seeks to meet the needs of parents of any religious affiliation seeking an affordable, family-oriented, Christian educational experience for their child from preschool through 8th Grade.

The school’s day-to-day operations are administered by an on-campus Principal and office staff and overseen by an elected Board of Trustees. Funding is derived from many sources, including student tuition and fees, donations and grants from individuals and other organizations, and annual earnings from an Endowment Fund. Our beautiful campus is home to up to 200 students and provides an ideal learning environment for children from all walks of life.

The overriding goal guiding 博彩软件app排名 Christian School’s operation is to prepare our students to live successful, rewarding lives that are guided by a life-long commitment to values rooted in the teachings of Christ. To this end, the school strives to be a special place for all of God’s children. We celebrate diversity and teach respect for others. We strive to introduce students of all abilities to the gift of knowledge, the wonders of the world God has entrusted to us, and the responsibility to act wisely and thoughtfully in all things.